Balenciaga Rodeo Handbags 2024 Ad Campaign

Balenciaga continue to roll out advertising campaigns thick and fast. Back in January, the storied Paris-based fashion house unveiled a ‘Closet’ advertising starring Kim Kardashian, Patricia Field (and more), each captured within the spaces of their own closets (some of the cast, at least). Then came the Summer 2024 campaign installment, lensed by Czech portrait photographer Jitka Hanzlová. More recently, Demna (Balenciaga’s creative director since 2015) secured Kate Moss, Mona Touggard, Yang Chaoyue and Juyeon as the faces of Balenciaga’s iconic Le City handbag. Not even five whole months in 2024 and that’s a total of three official advertising campaigns. Scratch that – four with the unveiling of Balenciaga’s latest, shining a spotlight upon the Rodeo handbag.


Released early February as a reinterpretation of the everyday tote, the leather goods pieces made its runway debut during the Fall 2024 runway showcase at Paris Fashion Week. The accompanying advertising campaigns sees Demna welcome back Mario Sorrenti as campaign photographer. This time around, Sorrenti fixes his lens upon brand ambassador Nicole Kidman, American model-of-the-moment Amelia Gray and (returning campaign star) Chinese actress and singer Yang Chaoyue. Demna’s ensemble cast tote the same Medium Rodeo style (named after the famed street in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles) in the simplistic campaign imagery, each adorned with different charms (like a Balenciaga ceramic tag and miniature dolphin key chain).

Balenciaga 'Rodeo' Handbags 2024 : Nicole Kidman, Amelia Gray & Yang Chaoyue by Mario Sorrenti

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