Emily Ratajkowski Vogue Australia December 2023

We take our Lachlan Bailey fix at any given moment, and whether he’s shooting sizzling summer campaigns for H&M or photographing supermodels for the covers of magazines – Bailey’s work is often a sight for sore eyes. Thankfully for us as editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, Christine Centenera favors the Aussie New York-based photographer too, who profiled Florence Pugh for the title just last month. Bailey now fixes his lens upon Emily Ratajkowski, who stars on Australian Vogue‘s December 2023 edition, five years after her last. In the subtle and demure cover image, the American model and actress is dressed by Centenera in a bralette from Hermès, a Bottega Veneta mohair coat and jewelry from Bulgari.


At once, the cover ignited debate amongst members of our forums. “Spectacular!” jal718 heralded.

“I really appreciate Vogue Australia giving Lachlan Bailey the platform he deserves and while I couldn’t care less about Emily, I think this is a nice cover. I love Bailey’s lighting and post production, his images always look beautiful. I’m all here for Vogue Australia giving us a monthly Lachlan Bailey fix!” championed aracic.

Echoing the same sentiments was vogue28: “The more I see this, the more I fall just a little more in love with it. Never been one to dislike Emily Ratajkowski and think Lachlan Bailey has just her justice, just as he does with every other subject he fixes his lens upon. The colors are gorgeous, love all those nude tones and how Centenera’s clothing choices complement Bailey’s lighting wonderfully.”

Not everyone, however, was on the same page. “I like Lachlan Bailey but this is so dreary, and not a good way,” shared forum member SLFC.

“It looks like they were trying to morph her into Penélope Cruz,” mikel pointed out.

Urban Stylin said: “I wish her hair was different on the cover, the pulled-back hair makes her head disappear due to the beige overload.”

Is Vogue Australia’s latest a hit or miss? See more and share your thoughts, here.


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